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SUP board Spinera Classic 9.10 (300x76x15cm)

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Aqua Marina Breeze Inflatable SUP Board Kit - Bag with Straps, Board, Paddle, Pump, Safety Lanyard, Fin and Repair Kit. The board is suitable for calm waters. Designed for light riders (up to 75kg) who need a board with increased stability. There are slings on the board deck where you can attach things. It is possible to fix a seat on the board.

Technical parameters:

Izmēri: 300cm x 76cm x 15cm

Tilpums: 278L

Max. kravnesība: 115kg

Ieteicamais braucēja svars: līdz 80kg

Weight: 7.8 kg

Fin: 1 central fin

Optimum pressure: up to 15psi